About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Island Way Pools has been building pools since 2007 under the Hidalgo name. Recently, Justin Hidalgo took the lead reigns as license holder. We have been focused  on building a fresh team of young individuals who are creative and motivated to build the most innovative pools our customers dream up.

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Our Story

Island Way Pools has been a family run business since 2007. Lance Hidalgo had a dream which he brought to life at Island Way. He has employed his family and friends over the past many years. Now several years later, cousin and godson, Justin Hidalgo, has transitioned into leading the business to keep his dream alive. Lance has since stepped back to enjoy retirement while spending more time with his family and raising his beautiful daughters. Justin's experience and expertise in the pool industry are just a couple of the many reasons he is the license holder and financial officer of the company.

Meet The Team

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