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When considering such an investment on your property there are a few things that are very important for everyone to do in order to ensure the best results overall. The first step that needs to be taken before anything can begin will be providing a copy of your property survey. This allows us to see what limitations the property would face if a pool were to be constructed there based on the guidelines of your city’s specific regulations such as setbacks, easements, and power lines. 

Once the survey has been received, we then schedule a consultation. We can do this either at the property or in our showroom. We prefer our clients to come into the showroom so that they can see the actual materials that will be used in the co construction of their swimming pool, allowing us to get a more specific view of what it is that appeals to you the most. As the same pool can vary greatly in price based on material selections, we want to make sure we do all that we can to include the most desired parts to your dream inground pool from its very conception. Once your selections have been established, we can start to arrive at your pool project budget, and if you’d like to move forward, we then start creating your design.

If you have gotten proposals from other pool construction companies, or plan to, we would encourage you to ask them to provide you with references for customers whom they’ve performed work for on some of their current projects. We’d be more than happy to provide the same should you wish them from us, as we take great pride in the working relationships we have with all our clients.  Please feel free to bring any estimates that you have with you to our consultation so any questions you may have about the comparisons and contrasts between the varying estimates and my proposal can be readily answered.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to move forward, we schedule a site visit to personally look at your property so that we can see the access for our equipment, as well as look for any additional obstacles that may present themselves.





Send survey and property address. 


Meet with our team at our pool showroom. 


Go over the designs and choose a favorite.


Sign the contract. Apply for permits.


Schedule the project.

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