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Harbor View

This roman waterfront pool project will leave anyone who sees it speechless! The first thing to catch your eye is the artificial turf inlays for the decking. The addition of this splash of green to the decking breaks up what would've been a one dimensional color scheme. To introduce more color our design team: included landscape beds throughout the decking, vibrant tile accents, and fire-bowls. These pops of color and unique geometric patterns have more of an impact in this space now because they contrast perfectly to the clean lines and neutral colored backdrop. While your eyes are drawn to these pops of color and the unique shapes, you can still visually grasp the balance and flow in this project. This comes from incorporating the natural elevation changes of the property by creating gradually changing tiers. As you move further from the house you are slowly introduced to a natural landscape through the introduction of natural elements to the second tier of this property. Our design team did not fight with natural view and landscape, but worked harmoniously with them.The pool and spa allow you to take complete advantage of your waterfront property with the use of infinity edges. The jewelry banded steps and use of semicircles are simple touches to add a luxurious feel while complimenting the house perfectly. It is almost as if this pool and outdoor living space was designed to be an extension of this Harborview home.

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