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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Start Your Pool Project!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Waterfront Pool Project in St. Pete.

September 23rd Was The First Day Of Fall…

And that does not mean much to us here in Florida, it does mean we are almost out of hurricane season! While we do not get the beauty of the leaves changing and the joys of slightly cooler weather, we are extremely lucky here in central Florida being able to swim almost all year round!

A common misconception to home owners is that the spring and summer are the best times of the year to start landscape, pool, or outdoor living projects. That may be the case in some parts of the country; in Florida it is best to start pool, landscaping, and outdoor living projects in the fall and winter! This being said, if you do start an outdoor living project in the spring or summer in Florida it will still come out amazing.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider starting your pool project this fall or winter:

Your Pool Will Be Ready To Swim In By Spring

Freeform Pool Decorated For Christmas

A big reason so many people think to start their pool projects in the spring or summer is because they want to get out of the heat! While this is a great idea, they are starting their project just a little too late. The average pool project from permitting to you swimming will take roughly 4 months to complete. Leaving you just the couple months of fall to swim before the first cold snap happens!

If you really want to be able to enjoy your pool during Florida’s 9 months of summer, then you are best off starting your project in the fall or winter! You may not get immediate satisfaction out of your pool but, by including outdoor living features and ample decking you will still get lots of use out of your new outdoor living space. Once that first hot spring day hits, you will be glad you started your project sooner rather than later.

If you add a heater to your pool project then you can enjoy swimming year round!

Contractors Are Not As Busy

Modern Pool Construction

As we mentioned earlier, many people think starting your outdoor living projects is the best during spring and summer. This belief paired with nice weather means a lot of households are going to start outdoor living projects in the spring and summer. This increase in demand leads to longer project timelines, delayed start dates, and sometimes even material delays.

A reliable contractor though will be upfront about any of these delays and will be prepared for the change in demand so their timelines are not too affected. One thing a skilled contractor will not be able to work against is bad weather. When you start your project in the fall and winter, you are going to be dealing with…

A Lot Less Rain

Bayshore Flooded in Tampa

Hurricane season in Florida brings unexpected rains all summer long! These unexpected rains are going to inevitably cause some delays during the construction of your outdoor living space.

The rain does not just cause rain delays though, it is going to make the build process a lot messier. Wet soil is going to allow for big ruts to be made and mud to be slung around. Some of your landscape is going to be messed up when you have a new pool built and it is oftentimes best to plan on new landscaping around your pool. The rainy season is the worst time of the year to plan on installing new landscaping in Florida. While summer and spring might be the best for new plants in most of the country, in Florida…

Fall & Winter Are The Best Times For New Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping

While rain is great for your plants, the sheer amount and unexpectedness of the rain Florida gets in the summer make it difficult to ensure your landscape gets established. All of the moisture in the summer makes your new landscape more prone to fungus, weeds, and overwatering! Many landscapers will not warranty any sod or plants that are installed in the summer months because of the lack of control over the watering conditions!

Island Way Pools can Design-Build you a stunning pool and outdoor living space anytime of the year; we do recommend considering starting your outdoor projects in the fall or winter. Take advantage of the better weather conditions, have a more predictable build schedule, and allow you to take full advantage of your pool the following spring and summer!

If you’re sick and tired of fantasizing about your dream backyard, if you’re ready to transform your space into your very own oasis, or if you want to create an environment friends and family will love spending time at, then start your free 3D design and consultation with Island Way Pools today! Our team is breaking ground on new projects 1-2 weeks after your permit is approved!



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