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Throw the BEST Backyard Party

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Once you have your new IslandWay pool and the backyard of your dreams, the fun doesn't stop there. Now it is time to party plan! Throwing the best backyard party for your friends and family to gather and socialize is a top priority for this summer. Here are some tips to help throw the ultimate backyard party.

SET THE MOOD: Do you want a loud, festive party or a more chill, soothing, beach vibe? The mood you pick will determine everything including, food, music and even lighting.

FOOD: Food can be determined directly by the mood you wish to set. Make sure to choose dishes for a wide variety of flavors within the theme you have picked. This encompasses all guests and there will be something for everyone.

MUSIC: You can never go wrong with choosing the classics. Beach tunes and Island music at a backyard pool party are always a good crowd pleaser.

LIGHTING: Lighting may not seem to be a top priority but it will set the mood once night rolls upon you. If you need to run cords through the yard, you can use old wire hang

ers and wire cutters and bend them in an arc over the cords and hammer them flush into the ground.


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